To be best in class by providing our clients with logistic solutions tailored to increase operational and cost efficiency, while striving to provide an inspirational experience.

We are accomplishing this by creating long term partnerships where we are an integrated part of our customer’s operation. Our listen, learn, identify and execute approach, allows us to offer educated solutions geared toward accomplishing our mission. From the top down, our staff understands our mission and is driven to deliver while providing our customers with the best possible experience.

~ West Bend Transit


• CUSTOMER SERVICE – We realize that every position within the company has both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL customers.  Meeting or exceeding the customer’s needs, wants and desires and expressing gratitude for their business.

• COMMUNICATION – We take the initiative to share all the needed, pertinent and important information to everyone that might need or from the information; we address any conflicts / issues directly only with the person involved – always in a respectful and professional manner.

• TRUST (WORTHY) – We earn others trust by being approachable, dependable and proactive in our daily tasks; we always do what we say we will do.

• TEAM WORK – We are a cohesive group of friendly, loyal and productive professionals that cooperate and collaborate to deliver the highest quality of service to our internal and external customers.

• RESPECT – We treat all customers and co-workers like Family. Those disciplined behaviors manifest by having a positive attitude, treating everyone with courtesy; being accurate, honest and thorough in all our work; by being on-time and available when needed; and keeping a neat, clean and orderly work environment.

• PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – We take initiative for our personal growth and improvement; this manifests by being goal oriented and self- motivated to learn new things that will add value to yourself, those around you and our customers.

• INITIATIVE –  We have the ability and are empowered to make proactive decisions that will deliver high levels of customer service and commitment to the company and our customers.